Wednesday, December 7, 2011


He bid me come and follow him
And so I fell in line
Not out of fear or duty grim
But with a joy sublime

He led me through a sunny field
Our pace was strong and fast
I looked to linger but had to yield
These days they will not last

The sky turned dark with swirling clouds
My fear began to rise
The wind and rain began to blow
The storm it masked my cries

He reached his arm around me
He pulled me to his side
The storm will soon be over
In me you can abide

The path led to the desert
The air was dry and hot
My strength began to waver
I struggled with my lot

Again he called me to him
His strength became my shade
He offered living water
Again my fear did fade

We entered in a tunnel
The way seemed dark and drear
The journey’s almost over
His words were sure and clear

The light broke all around us
I could not trust my eyes
Welcome home my son, he whispered
Midst angels joyous cries

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