Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Man in the Orange Tank Top

I ran in the Athletes in Action 5K this morning. This was my third time to compete in this race. I finished the race in 28:21, 30 seconds better than last year. As most runner know, it helps to play mind games with yourself when you run. Set small goals along the way helps to keep you motivated. The following is a reflection on what was going on for me during the race.

The gun went off and the runners surged forward. The fastest runners were quickly out in front; the rest of us funneled into our places. I was determined not to go out too fast so I settled into a comfortable pace. He passed me about a half mile into the race; the man in the orange tank top. He looked to be middle-aged, with an orange headband and his iPod strapped to his right arm. He moved past me with ease and I soon lost sight of him.

As we approached the first mile the runners had begun to spread out. I worked to maintain an even stride. A few more runners passed me and I passed a couple. I looked up and there he was in the distance; the man in the orange tank top. At that moment I set my sights on finishing ahead of him.

For some time I didn’t seem to be closing the gap. He remained an orange spot way out in front. Then another runner came up beside me. I tucked in behind him and matched his stride. My pace quickened and the gap between me and the man in the orange tank top began to shrink. After a few minutes my pacer pulled away but my target was now closer. Another runner passed me and I allowed her to pull me along. The gap continued to diminish.

With less than a half mile to go I was within striking distance to the man in the orange tank top. With each stride I closed the gap. Then just before the turn into the final stretch I glided by him on his left. He never knew that he had been my target. With the finish line in sight I sprinted ahead. The lead runners had long before crossed the line, but as I crossed I knew I had won. I finished ahead of the man in the orange tank top. 

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  1. Pastor Dave
    God bless you in your efforts for Christ. All of the photos on my blog are free for your use for ministry, praise and worship of our King!
    Nikonsniper Steve